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microATX 8slot 16bit backplane

@Blog 07 May 2023

Feel ready for that industrial PC gaming experience!

Welcome this new kid on the block. Homebrewed microATX 8 slot ISA passive backplane. 👌 Finally sent to the be manufactured.
Thanks PCBWay for supporting this project.

WIP – features are not summarized, components on board are not complete

click on pictures to enlarge
microATX 8slot 16bit backplane
microATX 8slot 16bit backplane
microATX 8slot 16bit backplane
microATX 8slot 16bit backplane

Potentian / planned features:

microATX form factor
7x ISA16bit slots, 1x 8bit ISA slot
industrial terminal power input
ATX power input
LED voltages indicators
embedded and external indicators connections
momentary and latching button option
-5V regulator
+12V sys fan output
PWR and GND copper infills for high power demands and high signal integrity
This is open source project, gerbers and schematic will be published eventually

You might see some blog articles appear time to time, in the meantime please endulge yourself on Me Projects.

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