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Nixie clock CMOS/TTL – real time, single board

@Blog 02 May 2023

Not a line of code in sight!

Time has come to design a new improved version of my real time CMOS/TTL Nixe Clock - this time on single PCB which should be a centre piece and/or talking point.
WIP – features are not summarized, components on board are not complete

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Nixie clock CMOS/TTL – real time, single board
Nixie clock CMOS/TTL – real time, single board
Nixie clock CMOS/TTL – real time, single board

Potentian / planned features:

real time nixie clock CMOS/TTL
embedded HV PSU
set time, hour, minutes, second reset
internal 32768Hz oscillator
embedded 10Mhz OCXO oscillator
module 10Mhz OCXO oscillator
external 10MHz input sine/square (from Atomic clock: Rubidium Frequency standard)
Alarm Loud/silent + control output
Nixie Dimming
Nixie off + 20s temp on button
battery backup
hourly chime
optional PIR sensor
reset upon start
This is open source project, gerbers and schematic will be published eventually

You might see some blog articles appear time to time, in the meantime please endulge yourself on Me Projects.

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